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   1.1. Terms of Use apply to rights and obligations of customers of E-Antiik Grupp OÜ webstore (hereinafter referred to as the Customer) and owner of, E-Antiik Grupp OÜ (hereinafter referred to as, arising from the purchase and sale transaction concluded between them.


   1.2. Conditions of Sale cannot collide with legislation of the Republic of Estonia and, if required (in case of disputes or lack of information), shall be complemented by such legal provisions.


   1.3. shall reserve the right to unilaterally change current terms and the price list, with an aim to assure further effectiveness of their activities, competitiveness, further development or complementing or reorganizing their selection of products and services. Changes and adjustments in terms and price list shall enter into force from the moment such information is published on the webpage If the Customer submitted their order prior to changes in terms taking effect, terms that were in force at the moment when the order was submitted shall apply to the Customer, unless stated otherwise by law or current Terms of Use.


   1.4. and the Customer agree to trade via the webpage of, on terms specified in current document. By filling out an order at the webstore of and making an advance payment, the Customer confirms that they have read and agree with Conditions of Sale.




   2.1. Prices sold in the webstore of E-Antiik Grupp OÜ are listed in Euros, without transportation costs, and no 20% value added tax will be added.


   2.2. Transportation costs depend on the weight and size of products ordered, choice of delivery method (Cargobus and E-antiik courier ). Transportation costs shall be specified in order confirmation / invoice or, if payment is made in cash, on delivery.


   2.3. Transportation costs shall be calculated automatically if one order is to be delivered to a single address. If the Customer has specified multiple different delivery addresses, they must submit a separate order for each address.


   2.4. E-Antiik Grupp OÜ shall reserve the right to make changes in prices. If the Customer submitted their order before the change took effect, the price reflected on the invoice at the moment of placing the order shall apply to the Customer.




   3.1. A shopping cart will be created at the moment when the Customer clicks on the link “Add to Cart”.


   3.2. For submitting an order, button „Checkout“ must be clicked.


   3.3. Payment will be made via banklink (Swed, Danske, SEB  ja LHV)

to the bank account of E-Antiik Grupp OÜ.


4. PRODUCTS WILL BE DELIVERED within 3 workdays from the payment having been delivered to the bank account of E-Antiik Grupp OÜ.


   4.1. Products will be delivered either in a packaging or wrapped in packaging foil, depending on the nature of the product it could also be delivered as multiple details.


   4.2. undertakes to notify the Customer about changes in delivery time at the first opportunity after receiving such information themselves.


   4.3. When the order placed by the Customer arrives to the logistics hub of, it will be handed over to our couriers and delivered to address specified on order confirmation.


   4.4. Accuracy and correctness of information submitted in the order allows us to avoid delays and misunderstandings during the delivery. and the courier company shall take no responsibility for delays and misunderstandings arising during the delivery that were caused by the inaccuracy of information submitted by the Customer when placing the order.


   4.5. Products in damaged packaging must be returned to the courier and relevant information e-mailed to the address





   5.1. In case of discovering a product defect, the Customer undertakes to notify of the problem on the e-mail address and provide following information:

               - name and contact information;

               - product defects (description of the defect, if possible, pictures);

               - order or invoice number.


Corresponding petition must be submitted not later than within 48 hours from discovering the defect. If the Customer fails to follow the specified term without a good reason, they shall lose the right to demand E-Antiik Grupp OÜ to replace the faulty product without charge. In case of product defects, installation/using of material should be stopped immediately and the seller should be notified of off-specification products by e-mail


   5.2. After the complaint has been submitted, E-Antiik Grupp OÜ shall undertake to respond to the Customer’s complaint within 15 days in writing.


   5.3. If the product has a manufacturing defect, the Customer shall have the right to demand the product/detail to be replaced or repaired, if such thing is possible, and E-Antiik Grupp OÜ will not have to bear unreasonable expenses or suffer unreasonable inconveniences in comparison with using other legal remedies, meanwhile taking into account the value of the product, relevance of non-conformity to contractual terms and if the Customer could acquire an item that conforms to contractual terms elsewhere without suffering unreasonable inconvenience.


   5.4. When replacing a faulty product, E-Antiik Grupp OÜ shall have the right to demand the faulty product to be returned to them by the Customer. E-Antiik Grupp OÜ shall bear transportation costs related to replacing the product. Installation- or recovery costs concerning defective products shall not be compensated.


   5.5. The Customer can demand a refund only when replacing or repairing the product is not possible or fails or if E-Antiik Grupp OÜ refuses to replace or repair the product without any reasonable grounds or will not do it within a reasonable time from submitting the complaint or if unreasonable inconveniences will be caused to the Customer with replacing or repairing the product.


   5.6. E-Antiik Grupp OÜ takes no responsibility for:

               - Product damage caused by the Customer or their negligent behaviour;

               - Defects that have been caused by abnormal use of the product;

               - Normal physical wear of the product resulting from normal use.





  6.1. E-Antiik Grupp OÜ is responsible for damage caused to the Customer by violating current Terms of Use in cases and within the scope specified in the valid legislation of the Republic of Estonia.


  6.2. The Customer is responsible for damage caused to E-Antiik Grupp OÜ by violating current Terms of Use in cases and within the scope specified in the valid legislation of the Republic of Estonia.


  6.3. Neither party shall be held responsible for the other party, and their behaviour will not be considered to be a violation of current terms due to delaying with or not fulfilling their duties, if such delay or noncompliance could not be controlled by the concerned party (force majeure).


  6.4. E-Antiik Grupp OÜ shall not compensate moral damage that could be caused to the Customer by changes in delivery times, prices and other terms under current Terms of Use.


  6.5. E-Antiik Grupp OÜ shall not compensate expenses borne by the Customer that were caused by the fact the Customer took obligations to third parties (non-dependent from E-Antiik Grupp OÜ) under terms that do not conform to current Terms of Use.


  6.6. E-Antiik Grupp OÜ shall not compensate missed opportunities that were caused by changes in delivery times, prices and other terms.




   7.1. E-Antiik Grupp OÜ shall use information submitted by the Customer only for fulfilling the purchase order. E-Antiik Grupp OÜ will not disclose information that became known to them during the transaction to third parties, except for cases stipulated by law.


   7.2. In questions not regulated by current Terms of Use, the Customer and E-Antiik Grupp OÜ shall follow the relevant legislation of Republic of Estonia and other norms regulating the legal relationship between parties.


   7.3. Disputes and disagreements arising from current Terms of Use shall be solved by parties through negotiations. If such disputes cannot be solved through negotiations, both the Customer and E-Antiik Grupp OÜ shall have the right to take their claim to the Court or Consumer Protection Board.